chaste tree berry powder

We thought Miss Sadie and Grandpa Lester might have cushings due to a myriad of cushings related symptoms and the fact that they don’t shed out well at all. Most of the time we shave them so they don’t get overheated in the summer. Last year I decided to try an addition to my current concoction. I normally mix a “biscuit” for each which includes

1/4 cup pure garlic powder (springtime bug off) wonderful for keepings flies and ticks at bay and everyone knows garlic is natures antibiotic

1 tablespoon feed (that’s all)

1 tablespoon sugar free pancake syrup

1 tablespoon pure coconut oil (Vitacost-online) we use it too. It’s wonderful!

Now I’ve added 1/2 teaspoon chaste tree berry powder (Herbal Solutions) They say give them more 2 times daily and stop for a few weeks but we’ve found 1/2 teaspoon once everyday works very well.

They are calmer, sweeter and have shed out wonderfully this summer. What a difference this stuff makes!!

Everyone is feeling spry and they look grand.


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