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We are no longer an adoption site. We have become a donkey sanctuary. We are a Donkey/Mule Rescue/Sanctuary located in North Central Florida. Our goal is to educate the public on proper Donkey/Mule care, rescue any Donkey or Mule in need of a loving, caring environment and find loving homes for our rescued friends.

We have added a new page called “In Need” Please check this page out. Since we can no longer  accommodate any new rescues, we have created this page so that you might be able to find a home for or adopt a donkey/mule in need.
So many people have purchased Donkeys for the sole purpose of guardian that the donkey is then neglected, left in the field with no Veterinarian or Farrier services. We can’t tell you how often we’ve seen horrible lameness due to “elf shoes”, hair loss due to parasites or diet and we’ve seen other “things” too numerous to list.
We believe we can educate those willing to learn and rescue animals from those who are not. Either way results in a happier Donkey or Mule.
Unbridled Animal Rescue has no more room We have since stopped adoptions due to a very bad experience and have become a sanctuary.
Thanks to all the hard work by our volunteers we are able to love and work with all our rescue residents as if he/she were the only one. We couldn’t do any of this without the hard work, loving hearts and strong backs of our volunteers who believe we are making the world a better place, one ass at a time.

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Here’s another link that may be of interest.

<a href=”http://www.rescueme.org”><img src=”http://images.rescueme.org/rescueme/linkgraphic1.jpg” border=1 alt=”Rescue Me!”></a>

Rescue Me!

It’s a farm animal rescue.

We have no affiliation with this group other than to post their link. We know nothing of their practices or track record. It seemed an interesting site to pass along. If you know anything we should be aware of about this rescue, please contact us. As always, check everything out and be prepared to quarantine if necessary. Please do not rescue these animal if your intent is not to love and care for them unconditionally.

PS As with ALL our rescues, (we have birds, dogs and bearded dragons) no one will be re-homed. We have seen, first hand, what some people are capable of. Animals adopted with good intentions and then sh__ happens! We have re-rescued a few already. Although this is hardest on our pocketbooks, we have no choice but to “do the right thing”. Donations are few and far between in this horrid economy. If you can’t spare any change, please consider buying your next used book from us at SPM books on Amazon. All the profits made are donated to Unbridled Animal Rescue  to feed, house and medicate. If you sell on EBay please  donate a small percentage of your sale through EBay Mission Fish, to Unbridled Animal Rescue. You can also donate directly to PayPal via unbridledanimalrescue@gmail.com

Thank you for caring.


6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. A friend has a few goats and sheep and she also would like a couple of mini donkeys to complete the “farm”. They would have a loving and forever home. Must be good with other pasture animals, dogs and people, up on all shots and tests and in good health. If you can no longer care for yours or know someone who is looking for a good home, contact us.

  2. We thought Miss Sadie and Grandpa Lester might have cushings due to a myriad of cushings related symptoms and the fact that they don’t shed out well at all. Most of the time we shave them so they don’t get overheated in the summer. Last year I decided to try an addition to my current concoction. I normally mix a “biscuit” for each which includes

    1/4 cup pure garlic powder (springtime bug off) wonderful for keepings flies and ticks at bay and everyone knows garlic is natures antibiotic

    1 tablespoon feed (that’s all)

    1 tablespoon sugar free pancake syrup

    1 tablespoon pure coconut oil (Vitacost-online) we use it too. It’s wonderful!

    Now I’ve added 1/2 teaspoon chaste tree berry powder (Herbal Solutions) They say give them more 2 times daily and stop for a few weeks but we’ve found 1/2 teaspoon once everyday works very well.

    They are calmer, sweeter and have shed out wonderfully this summer. What a difference this stuff makes!!

    Everyone is feeling spry and they look grand.

  3. I have a 5 yr. old rescued gelding, he is now helsthy, and very playful. He is about 15 1 or 2 and I am moving to Tallahassee with him from a big barn with many horses around. We are getting a small farm about 5 acres near Tallahassee. Is a small mule best for him, my gelding is not passive nor aggressive, but does seek to play. I desire an easy keeper and Know mules and donkeys are. Guess I would ride the mule, but all riding is easy trails, or around the farm.
    Thanks for your response. staceyfurniture@aol.com and are there any small mules for rescuing? around 8 yrs old.

  4. While searching for a qualified vet who understands the proper and safe way to castrate a donkey — I came across your site. HOORAY for all of you! My husband and I also just discovered the love and education that comes from owning a donkey/mule/ass. Now we have to have HIM castrated — sadly — because of our mares.

    Would you kindly direct us to a vet who can do the job correctly, as I understand there is a risk of donkeys bleeding excessively if not done right.

    All of us — Eeyore our donkey included — would be MOST GRATEFUL.

    We live close by just over the borderline into Columbia county off 441.


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